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At 1st Choice Recycling, we like keeping our customers informed about recycling, places of reference, and helpful tips. We staged below some links to other sites that will be of interest to you. Keep coming back as we'll continue to update and/or add information that will be of value for you.


- Recycling other items and additional insights -
Resource What will I find here?
Beverage Container Recycling Welcome to the Division of Recycling. Here you'll find information on how to preserve and conserve our natural resources.

Household Hazardous Waste Site of Santa Clara County Drop Off locations for Paints, Alkaline Batteries, Fluorescent bulbs, Pesticides, thermostats and other toxic items

Other County HHW Contact numbers Other County Contact numbers for removal of Household Hazardardous Waste

Great Solution for FREE Household chemicals Here's a great resource provided by Santa Clara called the Community Reuse program for picking up commonly used household items for FREE.

San Jose Environmental Services Here you'll find some very helpful links dealing with recycling items not collected on your garbage day pickup and more.

- Things to know -
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Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint's mission is to educate and inform how we can all make the right choices both at home and at work, save on waste and make sure that future generations will inherit a world we can be proud of.

Earth 911 But Just what exactly is so toxic about electronic devices that they account for 70 percent of the overall toxic waste that you currently find in landfills? This blog site offers some helpful information.
IRS tax information This is the IRS website that will provide you information regarding tax information for charities and other non-profits.

Ewaste Environmental Effects Studies have consistently shown that electronic waste from devices like mobile phones, PDA's and digital cameras contains toxins that are damaging to our environment. This website defines what those toxins are and their harmful effects.
Recycling Trivia Here's some interesting tidbits of recycling facts.
- General Information -
Resource What will I find here?
Green is Universal The digital home of NBC Universal's new initiative to bring an environmental perspective to our networks, our platforms, our audiences, and our communities.

Sundance eCommunity Eco blogs, news, discussions and more, focus on how we can take steps to making this a better world to live in by thinking green.

Yahoo Green Yahoo provides great information global warming, air-powered cars, ways to reduce your energy use, and more.
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