So that your experience is an enjoyable one, we've provided additional information below that should address any additional questions you may have regarding e-Waste events.

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50/50 Split in Revenue All profits generated from each e-Waste event are split 50/50 with the fundraising effort.  Our goal is to maximize profits by working closely with each non-profit organization to utilize volunteers support, and get the maximum potential revenue available for all recycled items and resale's.

Logistics and Resources We provide all the necessary manpower, pallets, trucks and equipment to assure that each e-Waste event is a success.

We provide extensive marketing that will assure that each event is very successful. Additionally, we work closely with your non-profit organization and volunteers to make each event a smooth, safe, and pleasant experience for all.

Our Promise All events that we coordinate are created on strong and long lasting relationships through trust.  We work very hard with all our non-profit fundraising efforts to assure each event is a huge success.


Our experienced organizers will have several drop off stations at our e-Waste events that create a very efficient and streamline drop off process, allowing customers to quickly drive in and out of our events.

Recyclers We coordinate with only reputable certified State Recyclers that use the strictest standards in recycling and refurbishing of all collected electronic items from our e-Waste events. No items will end up in third world toxic dumps.

Time Majority of our events our on Saturday's from 9-4PM and will have all collected content sorted, palletized and removed by the end of that day.


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